A Collection of the Most Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs Around the World

a collection of swimming pool designs around the world


A swimming pool is a tank or sizable basin surrounded by water and used for jumping or swimming for fun or competition. Many bath activities can also be done in swimming pools, including playing, wading, water exercise, floating on tubing, or refreshing off on hot days. Algae, bacteria, and other undesirable elements are kept from entering the pool using a variety of techniques. Seawater is occasionally employed for this. This is accomplished by using the filtration system. The two primary parts of a swimming pool filtration process are the pumps and the filters.

The pool is the most attractive thing for visitors or tourists. Just think if you design the pool in a different style how much they will attract them. Let us discuss the different designs of the pool: –

  1. Rectangular pool: This pool is rectangular which is best suitable for exercising. This long and linear pool is named after a game called long and linear pool. This pool is for swimming competitions also but they are long and deep enough although the shape remains the same.
  2. Compete pool Design: Regional regulations lines made it challenging to accommodate a pool in the backyards. Therefore, implemented it by planting Ficus trees to constrict the vegetation and therefore decided against using chairs in favor of smaller floor cushions. This also included a swimming jet because the user may continue to complete “laps” while relaxing just on a low pool bar with either a drink in hand.
  3. Eye catchy pools: Create a path that not only clearly directs individuals towards the pool but also beautifully draws their attention to it.
  4. Squared pool: The design of the above-ground pool is simple and streamlined. The built-in island, which splits up the square shape and provides a platform to put your drink or lounge outside in the sun, is the distinguishing feature. The ideal concept for a pool bar!
  5. Circular pool: This unusually shaped pool is ideal for a fast swim and serves as a great example of a swim-up pool bars design. If your outside area is constructed into a slope and your pool ought to be located beneath the deck, take into account your blueprints. The patio above beautifully echoes the round concept, and the round pools are a terrific opportunity to depart from the typical rectangular design.
  6. Enhance the pool design: This pool perfectly integrates with its surroundings thanks to a pebble pathway and pastel tile flooring border.  Take inspiration from this beautiful swimming pool to design an outdoor space that makes it feel like it belongs inside the French countryside.
  7. Indoor Pool or kidney bean pool: Don’t you ever dreamt of an indoor pool, Well! Of course, it would be. Our ideal indoor pool. This underground swimming pool area is brimming with flair, featuring white painted wooden panels on the walls, a textured cement floor, granite embellishments, and lanterns installed as illumination and artwork. Additionally, the kidney bean’s form is a homage to ancient.


Many pool designs can be in different shapes. A pool can be designed in the shape of a guitar, a semicircle, a hexagon, etc. If you like the idea of having a pool on your property, there are many ideas to choose from.


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