A Guide on How to Design a Pool in Your Backyard?

Swimming Pool in Backyard

Swimming Pools are available in different designs, sizes, and shapes. There are various types of pools like ground pools and outdoor pools. It’s completely your choice what type of pool you need.

The type of pool can be decided through lot size, budget, local codes, and the available material. After considering all these points, you can install a pool in your house or property.  Now, let us go through the guidelines on how to design a pool in your backyard.

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A Complete Guide to Install a Pool in Your Backyard

Here are some of the most common points which explain how to make a pool in your backyard:

Layout and Shape

Layout and Shape

If you wish to get the perfect design for your pool, you need to decide the layout of the pool and hire a professional like 955landscaping for making it. The layout of the pool refers to the shape and floor plan like stairs, attached spa, diving board, and the shape of the pool.

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Before designing a pool, you need to go through the various sizes of the pool and choose the most appropriate one. Remember that pools are not designed for multi-purpose space. So, making a bigger pool in the small area is a bad option. The best way to decide the size of the pool is to take the standard size of a few of the pools and utilize the size as per the space of the yard.


Depth of the Pool

After determining the size and layout of the pool now, you need to check the depth of the pool. And the depth of the pool completely depends on the pool you desired. The below mentioned desired pools can help you to decide the depth of the pool:

  • Lounging
  • Multi-purpose/ Transitional
  • Lap Pool
  • Diving board

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As per the old real estate, the location plays a vital role to determine the depth of the pool. Where you get an opportunity to decide the pool size and features that need to be laid in or out. The location of the pool needs to be built as per your outdoor place.

Hot Tub or No Hot Tub

In industries, hot tubs are also termed spas and it makes your swimming pool more attractive. The hot tub might increase the timing of the pool for the people who live in cooler climates. However, the maintenance cost of a hot tub is too high.

After understanding the way to design a swimming pool in your backyard by a swimming pool contractor in Dubai:

  • Your requirements for the pool.
  • Important things you wish to get from the pool.
  • Fun factor
  • Personal Space

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