Water Features/Fountains Design and Installation Company in Dubai, UAE

Each water feature designed and created by Nine 55 landscaping LLC, is a concept combining natural water feature services speical stone material and water plants. We integrate your interests and desires with the a unique accent of nature. These breathtaking displays of the natural environment provide years of enjoyment from the relaxing sight and sound of moving water, beautiful fish and plants.

The nice thing is that no matter which type of waterfalls you choose, our team can nevertheless create a stunning water feature that will enhance your property’s overall appearance. Just inform us your specific preferences and we’ll follow them to the letter.

We know how important it is to have an attractive landscape and outdoor area. That is why we only hire workers who can design and create your swimming pool, ponds and waterfalls and other water features that will complement and enhance your property’s existing hardscape and softscape. These water features will likewise allow you to relax and enjoy the outdoor area. As it is, water features are proven to have a calming, therapeutic effect that you and your family can enjoy.

We believe the benefits in water feature design are achieved by enhancing the surrounding landscape and creating the ultimate effect that parallels nature. To achieve this, we have to emulate nature. The skill in water feature design is to motivate water to look natural without showing the person viewing the display how it is done. All water feature designs require experience to achieve the best possible layout of finished water effect combining location of mechanical and electrical installations

We offer sensible solutions to your requirements, providing you with cost saving suggestions based on years of operating experience. Water feature services Dubai.