The Most in Pool Designs in Dubai to Inspire Your Backyard

Backyard swimming pool Designs

Adding a swimming pool to the backyard of your house should not be a complex and challenging affair. But the result will often leave you in awe when you have a brand-new hangout place in your own house just a few steps away from your living room. A pool in the backyard can be ideal to set up your tables and chairs and even BBQ for private events.

Here we are listing some of the most exotic and innovative swimming pool ideas that can make your small backyard receive an attractive and luxurious look:-

Skimmer pool:-A skimmer swimming pool doesn’t have any balance tank or overflow channel. These pools are the lowest in the price point compared to the custom design ones; here water level is 15 cms underneath the ground level. These pools are the most common option when you have restrictions on the space, and the budget is tight.

Overflow pools: – this type of pool is designed with a balance tank and overflow channel that help regulate the inflow of the excess water into the drain and then flow it into the tank. Here water level is the same as the ground level; this is why these pools look as beautiful as you can see the water right on the ground.

Overflow pools

Infinity pools:- The design of this type of swimming pool extends in the horizon, leaving a very aesthetically pleasing and relaxing experience to your outdoor living in your private property. These pools are raised above the ground level as they appear as if they are disappearing to infinity into the sea or lake. These raised pools look really beautiful as they comprise cascade features when they are observed from the house.

Plunge Pools: – Plunge pools are the smaller deep swimming pools designed specifically to give you a refresh feel in the hot summers. Besides, if you want to enhance the look of the plunge pool, then you can add a waterfall or any other exquisite water feature.

Plunge Pools

Lap Pools: – The design of these swimming pools is long and narrow- maybe 2.7 to 3 meters wide and 15 to 30m in length to offer a nice platform for the people who enjoy swimming as an exercise. However, the depth of such pools is not too much and can be restricted to 1.3 mm overall.

It is more than an ordinary pool.

It doesn’t matter if you have any substantial ideas for the design of your pool or looking for some suggestions; there are professional swimming pool builders in Dubai who can assist you in the process. Nine 55 Landscape is one of the most reputed pool companies in Dubai, specializing in all types of pool design. We have teams of professional builders who interact, understand the client’s requirements, and develop relevant solutions. We put all our experience and knowledge into every swimming pool landscaping project in Dubai, irrespective of its size or cost. Besides, we not only serve customers in Dubai but also in Sharjah, so if you want to access our services, feel free to approach us

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